Rob Jewitt BA – Filmmaker, Artist and Media Content Creator

'Fly' Lighting
‘Fly’ Lighting

Media Practice BA Graduate – 1st Class Hours Degree
University of The West of England

I am an artist and filmmaker, with a passion for screenwriting, directing and editing, with a colourful background of working from pre to post production on a range of creative briefs. These briefs include; live music events and coverage, documentary, educational and drama video.

“When all mechanical and stylistic factors are set aside, it remains that you must understand the story you wish to tell, which is often simpler than it first appears.”

Please see below a list of my technical skills and kit I have experience with;


Camera; Sony Z1&Z7, Panasonic F101, GoPro, Cannon DSLR Series
Grip; Glidecam GLSSH, CineKinetic Mcjib, Hague Camcrane, Key West Magic Dolly, Losmandy Spider Dolly
Lighting; Red Head, Arri, Kino Flo Diva, Dedo, LED, DIY techniques, green/blue screen setup, projection
Editing Software; Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut 7/X, Ableton Live
Other Programs; Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom,
Microsoft Office Suite, Hootsuite social media manager, Klynt interactive media creation
Systems; Microsoft and Mac OS


  • Screenwriting theory and practice 
  • Studio lighting techniques 
  • Location lighting techniques 
  • Directing drama 
  • Producing drama 
  • Project management; documentary 
  • Research and Interviewer; documentary 
  • Multi-platform narrative production 
  • Video Editing 
  • Production design and delivery 
  • Digital sound design 
  • Colour Grading
  • Storyboard illustration


A selection of stills on set;




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