Big Jeff Documentary


Another successful project I was involved in producing while at university was The Jeffrey Johns Story,  otherwise known as The Big Jeff Documentary. The form of the documentary is a multi-platform digital narrative, or transmedia; spanning; film, sound design, interactivity and content created by our subject himself.

After researching prospective characters to profile in Bristol, Jeff became our obvious choice for a number of reasons; namely his availability, willingness to let us into his life and his notoriety as local legend, but also his desire to dispel certain perceptions about himself in the public eye.

I worked as Project Manager on the documentary, organising location shoots, overseeing the project mapping, but also took the role as Interviewer and Voice Over Actor. The documentary found us talking to a great number of Bristol inhabitants and gaining access to some high profile gigs, in order to go where Jeff went. His work with writers in the mental health service also led us to tell a story that went beneath his popular image as a music fan icon, finding a narrative that defined a culture of alienated youths, that found support in their love of creative craft.

Below are a selection of press reviews of the documentary, the website not just falling short of 100,000 views.

” The man is so much of a local legend he even had a guest appearance on Skins….please, before you decide to judge Big Jeff, try watching this documentary first.”

“A really heart warming and inspiring little film which I’d recommend everyone check out”

“The Jeffrey Johns Story is an online documentary made by a team from the University of the West of England…if you want to know more about the legend that is Big Jeff you’d do well to watch this extremely well put together documentary”



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