VALV Sessions

VALV are a Bristol based music video production collective. I was commissioned to create video content for stage projection on the set of their ‘live sessions’ in 2011. Taking concepts decided on by the bands and VALV, I went to work realising the feel and narrative of the songs chosen.

Dub Mafia 2011 VALV Session – Warface

Dub Mafia’s song ‘Warface’ came as a protest around the time of the Bristol riots and national dissatisfaction with a Conservative lead British Government. Using archive footage and press footage shot at the riots by Gregory Slater, the concept created was to parallel the British involvement in the Syrian conflict of 2012 and the Falklands conflict of 1982.

Projection visuals

The Hit Ups 2011 VALV Session – Rome

For The Hit Ups song ‘Rome’ I was commissioned to use a collection of classic black and white monster and horror movies, I wanted to keep the cuts fast and movement exciting, in keeping with the songs tempo and energetic delivery. Classic is the key concept here.

Projection visuals

I Am Horse 2011 VAlV Projection – Fade Away

Although not finally released as a live VALV Session, my projection video portraying a journey from the waves atop the ocean, down to the darkest depths, where strange creatures glow with phosphorescent, electrical light. Echoing the arty trip-hop sound of the band, I chose to re-frame and crop the archive footage, to create small canvases of organic colour.


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