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‘Happy Easton’ is a video showing the community of Easton in Bristol, in all it’s diversity. In keeping with the viral phenomenon created by Pharrell William’s ‘Happy’ video and song, we aimed to create a hook that would capture the attention of local residents, as well as Bristol as a whole. The area has had it’s fair share of social issues but has a core community of open minded people and good local business. The attention the film has gained, I think shows peoples belief in happiness over bad press and views are continually rising.  [Camera, Co-Director and Editor]

More info;

Myself and Co-Director Sol Stephens, were interviewed for Bristol digital TV channel MADE in Bristol. Please view below.

After graduating from university in 2012, I immediately joined the Happy City Initiative in a voluntary capacity, helping communicate the not’t-for-profit organisations message and activities, This message being a society based on personal and community happiness being our measure success and value, rather than GDP economics. Working  as a small media production team, myself, Sol Stephens and Rhiannon Lawton, project managed, shot and packaged coverage of the Happy City Zone, at Bristol’s Harbour Festival , every year to date. A wonderful experience, working with community and well being organisations, performers and volunteer media crew.

Official coverage video for the Happy City area of Bristol Harbour Festival 2014. [Camera and 2nd Editor]

Below is a medley video from the ‘Happy Shack’, an interview booth myself and Sol Stephens constructed for the Happy City Initiative, a community action group. In total I cut 22 bite size VOX pops, for the promotion of the charity, asking festival goers what gives them lasting happiness.

Official coverage video for the Happy City area of Bristol Harbour Festival 2013. [Camera, Director and Editor]

Video promo for Lady Bird Team’s family fete, at The Southbank Centre, Bristol. [Videographer]


Fundraisers; Hayley and Preston shave all their lovely hair off is raise donations for Macmillam Cancer Support. [Videographer]






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